Wednesday, November 7, 2007

cFosSpeed v4.07 Build 1370 Beta

During TCP/IP transfer, a certain amount of data needs to be confirmed upon reception before more can be sent. Stalling data confirmation results in delays and transfer-rate slowdowns, thus forcing the sender to wait. Especially for ADSL, it is possible to slow a download to a crawl by choking the upstream channel (which has the smaller bandwidth anyway) with an upload. This is because in such a scenario there is not enough upstream bandwidth left for data confirmation. The standard solution so far has been to try and compensate for this by increasing TCP window size, thereby allowing more data to be sent without immediate confirmation.

cFosSpeed 4.07 build 1370
x Fixed a skin problem.

cFosSpeed 4.06 build 1353 -- 29-Oct-2007
+ Variable shaper will regain full speed quicker after it slowed down when
congestion was detected.
+ Certian WLAN line status codes are no longer logged to trace file. This
should help in keeping the trace file small and readable.
+ Some network adapters don't notify cFosSpeed about route changes. You
can now notify it manually by the new context menu option
"re-detect routes".
x Historical maximum speeds no longer fall for the moment. It caused too
much problems.
x cFosSpeed window would stay open on a WAN connection even if you set it
not to shape the connection. Fixed.


Last final 32bit exe (cFosSpeed 4.06 build 1353):
830.95 KB

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