Monday, November 5, 2007

Xunlei Thunder v5.7.4.401 Ayu (Ads Free)

Xunlei Thunder v5.7.4.401 Ayu (Ads Free)
Thunder's use of the resources Hyper-Threading technology is based on grid principle can exist on the network server and computer resources for effective integration. A unique Thunder network and through Thunder various data files to network with the fastest speed transmission. More resources Hyper-Threading Technology also has Internet download load balancing function. Reducing user experience in the premise, Thunder network server resources can be balanced effectively reduce the server load.

Function List
New resources Hyper-Threading technology, significantly improve download speed;
A powerful task management function, the task can choose different management models;
Intelligent Disk Cache technology, thus effectively preventing the hard disk when high-speed download of injury;
Smart suggested that the information system, according to the operational users provide tips and related operations;
Unique wrong diagnosis function to help users download failure to resolve the issue;
Virus protection functions, and antivirus software can be downloaded documents with guaranteed security;
The new version automatically detects, suggesting that users timely upgrades;
Provide a wide range of skin, users can choose their own preferences;

Thunder (2007.10.26)
* Search box classification increased video search
* Enhanced Virus warning function, multi-engine result of feedback
* Amended the security components may lead to the withdrawal of automatic Thunder BUG
* Amended to delete emule task may collapse BUG

Ayu Mods to install advertising-free version + installed version:
The largest number of tasks to 99
The original address to the largest number of threads 20
Right click use Thunder can be downloaded from the main window does not pop up Thunder
Increased boss button function

Official net:

Thunder v5.7.4.401 NoAD Ayu Setup.rar

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