Tuesday, November 13, 2007

eMule v0.48a Titan Donkey 4.2

Spezial Features:

- AES 256 Bit Support
- Bzip2 Support
- improved customization 4 Highspeedcreditsystem
- Titandonkey Trust Center
- saves highspeed credits on shut down (24h)
- advanced ban protection
- clean Serverlist updater
- Titandonkey Slotmanagement
- improved passive source finding
- reduced CPU Usage
- increased Speed for Higspeed Credit downloads
- Ban some bad Mods (Titanesel Antileech)
- Comm Applejuice System
- Disabled Dead Source List to keep valuable sources
- Removed limitation of search results
- Uploaded data is compressed dynamically to save CPU
- Improved searching of passive sources
- TitanEsel Community
- TitanEsel Suche
- never show files as complete
- Look to Tray with password
- Webbrowser
- dual Serverconnect
- improved source finding for low id
- adjustable Highspeed Credit System (Applejuice)
--> Mehr Infos zu Applejuice
- improved Community Source Exchange
- Fakeresultsfilter 0.23





Anonymous said...

Don't download VIRUS W32.IRCBot.Gen

Anonymous said...

It's the most worst Fileshare host server. Can't download outside of Europe.
After Enter the Code to download the Fileshare host means Proxy is in the connection but it isn't.

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