Saturday, November 24, 2007


NEW updated Europe Satellite Television Premiere TV

Latest keys updated 25.11.07 - all receiver/cards incl. premiere 2nd change today:
Download: all updated
Mirrors - Mirror
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old keys:

501 Key 01 : E7 9D BE 03 01 45 10 9C FC 19 EC BF F7 2F 4E 53
DEC: 231 157 190 003 001 069 016 156 252 025 236 191 247 047 078 083

Sat TV Receiver:
Smart MX 04 via Remote Control Unit Instruction: code_with_Remote Controll.pdf
Opticum 4000c - Key input instruction

more info, source and other Keys: KEY-SAT Upload Center

Outside Europe you may need a Satellite Dash with 3 Meter or more with one of the below written required digital receiver brand to receive Astra via DX from oversees. In combination with low noise high gain digital LNB.
Premiere hacking are prohibition in them authority aerials inside Europe. This includes all countries where Premiere is with standard (no DX) equipment official available.

Broken and invalid Download Links

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