Friday, November 16, 2007

Xunlei Thunder v5.7.4.404 beta with Ads (Original)

Thunder which claims have commonly used than the current users download software faster 7-10 times the download speed, it is a based on P2SP technical download tool that can effectively reduce the proportion of death chain, that is to say if this link is dead chain. Thunder will search links to other use to download the necessary documents to support multi-node breakpoint Continuingly; support different download speeds at the same time. Thunder can also analyze intelligence on which node the fastest upload and download to enhance users download speed; support each node automatically routing. Support multi-protocol Downloading/Sharing: HTTP / FTP / MMS / RTSP / BT / eMule


Thunder (2007.10.26)
* Search box classification increased video search
* Enhanced Virus warning function, multi-engine result of feedback
* Amended the security components may lead to the withdrawal of automatic Thunder BUG
* Amended to delete emule task may collapse BUG

Thunder (2007.09.27)
* Perfect reminder of the failure of the download function
* Optimization of the new panel layout and function
* Highest tasks to 20
* Download reduced resources in the process of occupation and disk reading and writing
* Reduce the download process of the impact on network use
* Amendments to a new panel could lead to a number of pop BUG

Thunder (2007.09.07)
* Optimization of the Thunder look at the effect on demand

Thunder (2007.08.30)
* Download support eD2k Network
* Improved information panels function
* Strengthened the latest security information display
* Download modules support more
* Amendment could lead to a return to resources not DHT BUG
* An amendment could lead to a memory leak BUG


Mirror: Thunder5.7.4.404.exe

The English Translation Project (FAQ + Language pack):
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