Friday, November 23, 2007

TuoTu v3.0.106

TuoTu 3.0.106 TuoTu v3.0.106 English/Chinese

CHANGELOG (v3.0.106) (November 23, 2007)

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106 version CHANGELOG 2007-11-23
* A cross-core improve the stability agreement Download
* Download the core of BT improved network performance
* Amended the BT core sequence download obvious than slow download speeds chaotic sequence of a bug
* BT core reduce duplication Download
* Improved built-core players
* Core improved peer-to-peer strategy
* Improved core DHT reduce 0 nodes situation
* Interface that the seed market in switching tasks without refresh bug
* Interface that task may be manually prompted the suspension of inadequate health bug
* Interface that the new mandate of the panel that no refresh bug
* Interface that after the completion of tasks may be dead bug cards
* Interface can remember the last open bottom panel
* Interface that eDonkey cancel the mandate can no longer re-download bug
* Interface that produced BT seeds, some documents can not be produced or collapse into the bug
* Interface that automatically connect the bug KAD
* Other amendments to some of the details

105 version CHANGELOG 2007-9-29
* Designing an inter-agreement kernel, reducing the wrong data, repeat the download, and support inter-edge The above release agreement
* Increased under while watching the built-in edge player (beta), the document lists panels can be seen in the right menu
* BT that the percentage of the documents bug (sometimes 99 percent has actually completed)
* BT that the first task would be to stop the problem card
* BT to improve the network transmission performance, were uploaded to do single IP LAN will not only reach dozens K
* Emule with other clients improve compatibility between
* Emule increase choice, "Link server, update the list server"
* List of servers emule amendment to delete the bug Batch
* HTTP amended the case 100 percent progress of the bug is not completed
* UPnP routers increased by the support of THOMSON
* Interface that the preservation of historical and other bug Contents
* Improved interface with a number of other issues that
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