Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger Version Beta + Ad remover patch

Yahoo! Messenger Version Beta Ads free
Yahoo! Messenger Version Beta
Yahoo! Messenger Version Beta released.

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Changelog/Whats's new:
Tonight we’ve pushed out an update to the Beta (version that you can download by visiting (online installer only).

Much of the feedback we’ve received has focused on a handful of areas:
Viewing your contacts by their Yahoo! ID vs. their full name or nickname. We’ve added this preference back in to the product. Download this latest version, then go to Messenger > Preferences > Appearance.
New expanded contact list. If you’re finding that this new look is too spacious for you, go to the Contacts menu and select “Compact List”. This will reduce the size of the Avatars and condense the height of your list overall.
Message formatting in the IM window (the line break after the name rather that starting text on that first line). We’ve developed a set of handy keyboard shortcuts to give you some other options for your IM window. The shortcuts are a temporary fix; we’ll build something more permanent into a future release of 9.0.
Installation problems for Windows Vista users. In this latest refresh, we’ve made changes to the Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta installer that should fix most of the Vista errors. If you’re on Vista, please give it another try and use our feedback page to let us know if you still encounter issues.
Games are missing from the IM window. There were some changes to the Yahoo! Games platform that required us to remove them from this version for awhile. We are trying to get them back into a future release of 9.0; we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you love your Pool or Checkers, we recommend returning to Yahoo! Messenger 8.1.
The LAUNCHcast plug-in, along with all the other plug-ins like Yahoo! 360, still work in 9.0! Just click the Plug-ins button near the bottom of your Messenger window to find them.

- Fixed Login after x tries
- Crash/freez system by running Yahoo Music plugin

Download full installer:
ymsgr9us.exe (English)
ymsgr9de.exe (German)

all DLL Runtimes and EXE Files optimized to maximum. Ads Removed! installed reduced size to ~8 MB only: YahooMessenger9 Files optimized.rar

Ad remover Patch
YahooMessenger.exe pre patched: Yahoo Messenger 9.rar Multilanguage

Yahoo Messenger 9 de.rar German


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