Wednesday, November 7, 2007

eMule 0.48a Fuck by Leecher-World, coded by Lucys / svk

eMule 0.48a Fuck Leecher-World
Changelog v1.4:

Change logo LW
Show ModVersion
Fix bug in DiffQR
Fix bug in ModThief

Changelog v1.3

No Ratio
No Upload
Fake Rank
Drop optimized
Many Hacks

Directory vista official fix…

Mirror I / Mirror II / Mirror III / Mirror VI


Anonymous said...

You cheat like-minded people, only because you can't take into consideration to help them just the way they help you?

ZulU said...

How do yah mean that? This no up cheat mod is done after all research or published as the post topic title says from this modders.
Of course this mod is wrong on place as we desired to not publish any of these "Splash" screen messenger x vs. z against ... mods nor by Ghokan nor Leech-world or any other Persons or sites.
If you complain we willing to withdraw this post with pleasure as we do by Azureus Sho mods which are edited by not less than 3 persons. Its to realize that after shu's hack the DDJ mod hack is another time edited the code and added with errors. Not only 2 more website ads are hidden inside done after DDJ's java coding. You can help to stop all this shit and submit originals nor hidden urls recoded mods in clients before they grow and spreed in other names as it is now.

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