Sunday, November 4, 2007

eMule v0.48a Applejuice v2.2 - The ExeStealth V2.76 protected emule mod

eMule v0.48a Applejuice v2.2

Changelog eMule v0.48a Applejuice v2.2:
October, 31. 2007

- new Sharing Security preferences dialog
- moved all Applejuice Security preferences to Sharing Security dialog
- Encryption (AES 256 bit) for File-Transfers (only works Community internal)
- Secure Client Identification is always enabled if AES is enabled

- better Compression (bzip2) for File-Transfers (only works Community internal)
--- note: normal eMule Compression (zlib) works unchanged for non-Community Clients
- changed default nick to Applejuice Homepage
- fixed max Transfer Difference for non-Community Clients if Upload Management was disabled

- show AES Client Icon for clients transfering with AES in all lists in transfer window
- show bzip2 Client Icon for Clients downloading/uploading with bzip2 in all download/upload lists
- show AES Encrypion setting of other Clients in Applejuice Client details
- show bzip2 Compression setting of other Clients in Applejuice Client details
- do not show IPs of Clients on receiving a message
- do not show IPs of Clients in connection with filenames in verbose log
- removed Client IP column in Client list

AES (256 bit):
With AES all your TCP Connections and File Transfers to other Community Clients will be
encrypted with 256 bit. This makes sharing more safely because it's (nearly) impossible for
outsiders to see what you are sharing.

Bzip2 is a better compression than the compression eMule usually uses. So you will need a smaller
amount of data to download to complete the same file, which means your downloads will be
completed faster.

Removed showing of IPs:
By not showing IPs of other Clients eMule Applejuice gives its users more privacy and

Download: 6.90 MB
DDL: eMule-Appeljuice/

The Clean Edition - ExeStealth V2.76 process cleaned up (unpacked)

Download 5.68 MB: eMule v0.48a Applejuice v2.2 clean unpacked - Mirror

start unpacking
trying to open file...
reading address of entry point value: 00000150
reading imagebase: 00400000
reading size/address of SizeOfImage value: 00000178
reading address of Import Directory VA value: 000001A8
reading address of Import Directory Size value: 000001AC
reading section alignment: 00001000
calculating dumpsize (virtual size sum of all sections): 00672000
reading VirtualSize value of last section: 000002C8
reading SizeOfRawData value of last section: 000002D0
have all needed values, closing file

creating process: 00000A84
reserving memory for import table ...
trying to get the IAT (where is your mojo ;) ?) ...
placing bp on 'LoadLibrary' in: 7C801D77
lets fight! (runnig application, placing BP in LoadLibraryA call etc.)...
found OEP: 002DF88B
entry point value corrected!

got some import stuff,now writing last IMAGE_IMPORT_DESCTIPTOR...
calculating new section table values

Name: VSize: RawSize: VAddress: RawAddress: Flags:
.text 003514CB 003514CB 00001000 00001000 E0000060
.rdata 000B2CF8 000B2CF8 00353000 00353000 E0000060
.data 00089778 00089778 00406000 00406000 E0000060
.rsrc 001DFF70 001DFF70 00490000 00490000 E0000060
rsrr 00002000 00002000 00670000 00670000 E0000060

new Import Table RVA: 00672000
new Import Table size: 00000168
new imagesize: 00673000
extend last section to: 00001000

dumping file ... done, bytes dumped(decimal value): 6762496
File unpacked!

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