Monday, November 26, 2007

BitTorrent 6.0 Build 5535 optimized Edition uTorrent Mod - µBitTorrent - The Lightweight and Efficient BitTorrent Client

- Icon ressources replaced with uTorrent 1.8
- Commercial Website URL links replaced with usefull public free Torrent Portals
- Call homes removed, update check disabled
- Forum and Homepage to uTorrent
- internal default search engine changed
- US Speedtest side replaced with international speedtest site
- crc corrected

no Leecher Functions added to play fair!!!

Compressed with UPX (same as uTorrent = 222 KB)

µBitTorrent - The Lightweight and Efficient BitTorrent Client

with new uTorrent 1.8 Icon Set:
Download: uBittorrent.exe (222.30 KB) - Mirror
MD5: 4f0d8efc9981dd50a94d1f05b4c91548
uBittorrent-unpacked.exe (481.30 KB)
German Language File: uBittorrent.exe.lang.txt

with Traditional uTorrent 1.7 Icon Set:
Download: bittorrent.exe (221.80 KB) - Mirror
German Language File for BitTorrent v6: bittorrent.exe.lang.txt

Helpfile: Help.chm
IP Filter and flags Updater: BitTorrent 6 IP Filter Updater
Based on latest BitTorrent.exe (;O=D)
Short URL:

Screenshots previews Version
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