Thursday, November 15, 2007

BTbaby v1.96a - BT seeds Search

Using BT will be some time after the discovery of a problem, and that is to find BT seeds very troublesome, to the various needs of the website to find that many websites are landing, advertising is very uncomfortable. So we decided to prepare a software to a number of relatively large domestic BT site data collection together, would not have everywhere blind find.

The software is divided into two parts.

This classification list of the database software used to access data stored BT seeds, in accordance with the general classification into "Arts Television Television [film] [drama] Television [documentary] Television [PE] Television [operatic] [other] video game music moving Man educational resources "category, the most recent data disaggregated saved, the user-friendly. Click on the "List of Renewable Resources" can update the latest resources, downloaded to various categories. Click on the "Delete Records" could be deleted before the record, because BT's timeliness is still relatively strong, long time ago there is no need for data preservation, and recording data will be affected too much speed, it is proposed in the use of deleted after a certain period of time some of the previous data.

Search is divided into two parts of the network database search and local search. In order to search more resources can choose to Web search, the importation of appropriate keywords, click "started to search" on it. When recording data many cases, in a classified list of search records also quite cumbersome, so the development of this feature can be categorized search can search all records.

● quantity and the domestic automatically from dozens of websites collected daily over 1,000 of the latest BT seeds.
● contains detailed information on seed illustrated.
● from Massive Data Search.
● increase since the definition of site features can be added to their own interest site.
● use simple.
● green software, without having to install.
● merging similar functions, the need to find a rapid direct seed.
● automatic operation of BT client download.

Improve and the amendments to the BUG:
1, canceled the original search page to search on the toolbar, you can achieve in a page search, update, does not require switching pages.
2, an increase of sorting functions, according to size, number of seeds, such as connecting several ranking.
3, that local search can download seed issue.
4, the first run automatically set the default path seed preservation, no download time for the collapse of seeds.
5, switching categories of always rolling to the first.
6, a number of other adjustments.

Amendments to the search wrong BUG.
If updating from time, the abolition of icefish downloaded from the Web site recently not causing the problem.

Official Homepage:

Download Chn Edition:
Mirror: btbaby196a.rar

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