Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thunder Special Edition

XunLei Thunder Special Edition
Thunder is a new type of resources based on Hyper-Threading Technology download software, as a "period of broadband download tool" Thunderbolt for broadband users to do a special optimized to take full advantage of the characteristics of broadband Internet access, to bring customers high-speed download a new experience! At the same time, the introduction of the Thunderbolt "smart download" new concept, through a wealth of smart tips and help, allows users to really enjoy the fun of downloading.

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Thunderbolt (2009.7.16)
* Performance Optimization:
1, optimized CPU occupancy
2, from "off-line to download" to download a file server will use the single-threaded (to avoid download speed fluctuations caused by scheduling)

* Function:
1, a new "bulk download框选visualization" feature
2, add "component manager" (you can add, disable or remove components)
3, add "use IE proxy" option
4, a new "intelligent analysis page" feature
5, "Downloading" task list context menu to add "on the move at the top to the bottom of the next" feature
6, to improve the dog search box user experience
7, "Configuration" and "default task attributes" add "to run automatically after the download is complete" option in the Application List
8, "help" menu to add Thunderbolt ", the senior-mail" import (Contact Thunderbolt the ultimate BOSS)

* Details of improvements:
1, the installation will Thunderbolt Thunder:// registered as an protocol to cancel the agreement when unloading associated
2, the new panel, "commonly used directory" drop-down menu change the height and width of adaptive
3, toolbar, menu bar, right-menu option to increase the state to judge the logic of
4, modified after Login information below the task bar to display the default information

* Problem Solving:
1, amendment of suspended window and system tray right in the "Advanced" - "monitor the browser" can not click on the question of the entry into force
2, amended to delete the default classification, the new icon of the classification of the problem has also been deleted
3, as amended, under certain circumstances, failure to obtain UPNP
4, amendments to the allocation of the abolition of BT seeds of the problems associated invalid
5, to amend the system tray icon on the task of Thunder abnormal position of the problem of information
6, amendments to the download directory folder icon can not show the problem of
7, amendments to maximize the bottom-right corner when the interface can still drag the issue of
8, to amend the "Download security" in the "Browse" the main program to use anti-virus control error
9, DPI is greater than 100% when the new panel show that the problem of incomplete
11, as amended, under certain circumstances, to stop in response to the question of Thunder
12, solution to the collapse of a number of common issues [0717]
* Update: At the advertising version of the skin
* Update:雷友information does not change the installation options (which can open the VIP members)
* Added: Automatic shielding three ads, the lifting of a shield (recommended to restart after installation)
* Improvement: the installation script to further improve the functional improvements

1. Xunlei Ad version to July 17, 2009 this version is 3:18 pm the official release, there is a prior disclosure of the inner residues version!
2. Hosts file need to be edited to terminate the ads, so please Vista/Win7 users loggon on system as Administrator.

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Language Pack English (All Credits to HeHeHunter)
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Executing thunder.exe installs automatically component on your system which are not uninstalled running the uninstaller. You will need to edit windows registry and remove remaining files in windows system dir and user dir manual!

Xunlei wird mit Werbung und Pop-Ups querfinanziert (Adware). Die Werbung ist groessten Teils bei Special Edition in den Program Dateien entfernt, einige url's verbleiben und werden durch Eintraege in die Windows HOST Datei blockiert.
Bei der Deinstallation werden nicht alle Dateien entfernt. Insbesondere Add-Ons in Browsern werden nicht gelöscht.

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