Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mozilla Multi-process Firefox Electrolysis First Test Builds Download

Firefox Electrolysis Beta test build started

Mozilla has started a new project to make Firefox split into several processes at a time, one running the the browser UI (chrome), and several others running the web content, and plugins.
The working name for this project is Electrolysis.

Initial goals:

* Provide better application UI responsiveness
* Improve stability from slow rendering or crashes caused by content
* Improve performance, especially on multi-core machines

Potential future goals:

* Provide security enhancements by running the content process in protected or isolated modes.

Note: This video is currently only supported in Firefox 3.5




Main Folder:
Daily Windows Builds: (Today's windows builds did not start by our tests)
Linux Builds:

News source:

64 bit Firefox builds:

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