Thursday, July 30, 2009

MAC OSX Theme for Firefox 3.5 - 3.6pre Minefield

MAC OSX Theme for Firefox 3.5 - 3.6pre Minefield

Based on Gulf-at MAC OSX THEME

Latest Changes:

Changed the behavior of new tab button [next to active tab], form on hover background darker not the background on hover but on + sign darken on hover and recolor the symbol on click as in official firefox 3.6 minefield. Let on list 'all tabs' the old behavior to darken the background on hover.

suggest to use: XClear lite to clear address bar input. + Paste and Go 2 + set in configuration mania check box only on location bar 'select all content when clicked', deselect on double click.

Combine Stop + Reload Button (See Latest Screenshot below)
Note: You must set the Stop button before Reload button to make it work!

New Tab icon to a nicer one ( See new screenshot ):

Older Changes ( see screenshots below ):

Version dump to 0.8.0 + app id to 00352F14-3F76-4e4d-ACFF-9972D7E4B3C9
If install all two themes to prevent conflicts.
macosx_theme-0.8.0.jar\chrome\MacOSX080.jar content is packed inside .jar. Changed application hook from MacOSX to Mac-OSX used by theme manager to avoid conflict with one of the other where the extension theme app is the same, promatik use the same App ID as Gulf-at 00352F14-3F76-4e4d-ACFF-9972D7E4B3B9.

Custom toolbar, Bookmark toolbar: font to 11px, not bold, added a white shadow;

Search Bar: Added an drop down arrow to show last searches

Tested with:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2a2pre) Gecko/20090801 Namoroka/3.6a2pre - Build ID: 20090801001201
and Minefield
and XClear
Screenshot - click on picture to see full screen:

Install the MAC OSX Theme
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