Tuesday, July 21, 2009

eMule 0.49c zBOOM v0.1 beta 1 by Taz

eMule v0.49c zBOOM v0.1
eMule v0.49c | zBOOM v0.1

zBooM v0.1 beta 1 - 21/07/09


Easy ModVersion + extended Mod Version system (WiZaRd/taz)
Winsock2 (eWombat/Spike2/WiZarD/taz)


Client Analyzer + Mod Faker + more Evildoers (WiZaRd/taz)
Embeded Emulate Others + ECR
check already downloaded
AntiHideOS (netfinity)
DBR (netfinity)
Reset Kad on IP Change
Clip Stats + Mod Stats + feedback
Embeded SUQWT + No SUQWT for Mod Fakers & Nick thives
Obfuscated http transfers
Automatic Firewall retries (WiZaRd)
Unknown Protocol tags
Mod Credits (WiZaRd)
FakeAnalyzer (netfinity)
ServerAnalyzer (SpikeV2)
OnIdle (leuk_he)
version check

??ThreadSafe (WiZaRd)


add: Winsock2 (eWombat/Spike2/WiZarD/taz)
add: Easy ModVersion + extended Mod Version system (WiZaRd/taz)

applied various fixes (mainly Xman, WiZaRd, Stulle, netfinity, Maella, SLUGFILLER, SiRoB, shadow2004, leuk_he, Fafner, JvA, Spike2, Aenarion[ITA], morph4u, taz and others)

change various mod (& official code base) defaults

Based on ZZUL_20090222-2320

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Binary (UPX 3.03): emule0.49c_zboom_v0.1b1_bin.rar | Mirror1 | Mirror2 | Mirror3 | Mirror4
Source: emule0.49c_zboom_v0.1b1_src.rar | Mirror1 | Mirror2 | Mirror3 |

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BIN: emule0.49c_zboom_v0.1b1_bin.rar 2.24 MB
SRC: emule0.49c_zboom_v0.1b1_src.rar 4.62 MB

No upx Binary: eMule0.49c-zBOOM_v0.1B1-BIN-no-upx.rar | Mirror
Remark: Official Mod is not related to leech (downloading) activity!

Very good upcoming eMule MoD by Taz not only for releasers. eMule zBOOM is coded with VS2005!

"Share everything you can" Marissa Mayer, Google

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