Monday, July 13, 2009

Latest µtorrent 1.8.3 Leecher packs comparison

Seba14 Mods vs. SBI & .derivatives

What we found are clean binary Leecher packs and encrypted binaries Leecher packs. The following article describe whats inside, how it's done.


Seba14 mods, established since 2006 (src. Germany):

— pro —
* no exeprotector used (no higher mem consume as original) upx
* not bundled in a shareware installer, support for switches /log /silent by integrating into images and unpack/extract option
* integrated yandex and co. toolbar downloaders from utorrent.exe removed
* anti-leech protection (ratio) removed
* DHT can be always enabled
* support via a public blog comment system
* website and software non commercial script/software packer

— contra —
* < search here > localization string replaced
* Ads on website/download

SBI & derivatives mods, established since 2008 (src. Turkey — Serbia — Germany):

— pro —
* auto stop after completed (no seed mode after download is complete)
* based on user experience feedback, future improvements
* Google search results on top of the incoming visitors are: versions ASPack unpacker by PE_Kill

— contra —
* execryptors such as asprotect/armadillo and co. used (a second process consuming higher mem, may be run with utorrent.exe)
* bundled with link shortcuts and pre config files into a shareware installer, no option to extract w/o install
* features and design/icon's are preset into default uT config files (.dat,...)
* integrated yandex/ask toolbar function are not removed
* dht flag to seed torrents via dht can not overwrite
* ratio download speed throttling if upload speed is set at a low value (antileech) is not removed
* incompatible on older PC's on win95 due exe protectors
* support via a public community forum section with limited and controlled access to censored webbrowsers such as Goolgle Chrome vs. Iron while Iron get identified via its own ua string, Proxy filter (no anonymous visitors)
* website and software commercial scripts/software packer
* Ads on website/download

— small bugs remain in all LP's —
Our Result: A clean Binary is safer, have a better performance, use less cpu and mem load. Sebastian's Mods from Germany, Bavaria are a way better as the Community Mod's.


Latest ASPack
Version 2.2 (31-Mar-2009)

* Fixed Runtime Error R6002 on VC2008-compiled files
* Improved DEP compatibility 759.86 KB

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