Thursday, July 23, 2009

New userscripts for Google Chrome

AdBlock+ for Chrome.
Version: 1.1.1 by Lex1
+ Alt+U for "visual" unblocking.
+ Blocking objects and embeds.
+ Alt+E for editing styles
* Shorter css-rules.


FlashBlock for Chrome. Press Alt+F for permanent unblocking.
Version: 1.2.10
+ Ctrl+Click for saving flash/flash-video.
+ Blocking Silverlight
+ Alt+F work as «enable/disable»


Hide js-popups
Hide javascript popups.
Version: 1.0.6

This scripts is intended for the universal blocking javascript-popups.
Some sites where it was tested:

Script is worked in Google Chrome and Opera.
The extension for Chrome.


google Enhanced BLACK v2.8.0
This Google Black script enhances all Google service pages with an inverted color-scheme for reduced eye fatigue; it also removes ads & clutter and improves page layout and readability by widening search results
Version: 2.8.0

This Google BLACK Theme script enhances:

* Google Homepage Link to Google Homepage
* iGoogle Homeapge Link to iGoogle Homeapge
* Google Search Results Link to Google Search Results
* Google Images Link to Google Images
* Google Video Link to Google Video
* Google News Link to Google News
* Google Maps Link to Google Maps
* Google Translate Link to Google Translate
* Google Shopping/Products/Froogle Link to Google Shopping/Products/Froogle
* Google Reader Link to Google Reader
* Google FinanceLink to Google Finance New enhancement
* Google CalendarLink to Google Calendar New enhancement
* Google Dictionary Link to Google Dictionary
* Google ProfilesLink to Google Profiles
* Google Voice Link to Google Voice
* Google Groups Link to Google Groups
* Google Books Link to Google Books New enhancement
* Google Trends Link to Google Trends
* Google PatentsLink to Google Patents
* Google LabsLink to Google Labs
* Google Experimental Link to Google Experimental
* Google Code Link to Google Code
* Google Support Link to Google Support
* Google Notebook Link to Google Notebook
* Add to Google (RSS) Link to example Add to Google (RSS) page
* Google Toolbar site Link to Firefox start-page
* Firefox start-page Link to Firefox start-page

Compatible with both Google Chrome and Opera browser (update-check & rounded-corners not supported)


GMail Professional skin
Give a professional apparence to your GMail with this skin!
Version: 5.0

Works with the last CSS code of GMail

* Footer, logo, logo on print, chat and invites boves, icons, spam count, and ads have been removed
* Hover-effect on messages in blue color
* New mail incoming is highlighted in yellow color
* Selected message in light yellow
* Works with small attachment icons, and blank canvas signature scripts
* Font size has been fixed to 11px but can be easily changed in the code




ntegrates your Google Calendar in to your Personal Gmail/Google Apps account. Now works with Google Chrome too.
Version: 2.0.2

* Adds your selected Google Calendars to your Gmail account as an agenda view that is put on the right side
* Remembers the calendars that you choose to not show
* Collapsible
* Detects your computers Timezone to show your events relative
* Works for Google Apps accounts as well


for twitter


Search Other Engine in *

This is a style to enhance the appearance of my "Search Other Engine in Baidu/Google/Youdao" GreaseMonkey Scripts:
* for Baidu:
* for Google:
* for Youdao:
*[My scripts are mostly for Simplified Chinese users.]
Enlarged fonts;pop-out outline and background color; optional settings to fix the position of the "Jump Bar".


more searcher
Adds links to other search engines when searching for something on google.

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