Friday, July 17, 2009

Changes to the Blog

Valued Reader

We have about 6 tracking codes inside where are 5 too much in my opinion.

Will try to improve the site performance / page load by removing most js code.
- Google Analytic is somehow in blogger post-create.g ... embedded not by the site operator. Might be a global blogspot https://ssl. default.
- using as replacement blogcounter ( - Fehler: Verbindung unterbrochen) counts only the half countries of the word. This country where i stay at the moment, is on 3 ISP blocked by service, which turns out that the ~50,000
kostenloser Counter
visitors since the counter run in about 3 weeks are just from selected counties (some South American and African Countries as well as Asian Counties include Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma might be also not on this counter). Nor the website or graphic can be accessed without proxy. have definitive some South East Asian Countries banned on Ip ranges from it's service which makes the counter useless. Will replace it with any counter which allows full stats to see to the visitors too (nothing to hide).
- AddToAny + Share This, AddToAny slows the website down, on some locations them server is slow in response time
Share/Save/Bookmark Save & Share
. Both can be removed cause AddThis is in Feedburner feedflare already

Replaced with it's open source

Now it comes to the Comment system replacement tests done in the last weeks. JS-Kit (Problem in Opera Browser), requested Test for Echo with importing old comments, cause don't have a import of old comments. I remove them and turn back to blogspot default iframe comment box. For rating using the 'Reaktionen:' engl. 'Reaction' feedback on post footer - (have a small bug, in some cases it shows on all web browsers:[interessant%2C+cool%2C+great%2C+not+good]&textColor=%23000000) which points to textColor: Illegal color, should be without '&textColor=%23000000' . For show latest comments without using a hosted .js file I'll embed the json feed script again to read from comments feed back, no second service is needed for display comments w/o limit to 5.

I let Feedburner Feedflare with the one bug in it which adds &showad=true after the end of the flares inside the script src '' like: and a 404 comes back.
Screenshot Feedflare Feedburner Script Error Image and video hosting by TinyPic - in Firefox 404 Screenshot Image and video hosting by TinyPic (this should be without &showad=true, if it mean Ads, I don't have one but =false is no where to select and will produce the same 404 not found error result), especially Safari error console alert on it. Its an all in one solution function, have now a small statistic like a reduced google analytics inside. Newsfeed can be proxied and accessed on several ways that it pass China firewall too.

least not last i not satisfied with ready to download blogger templates as this one i use 60% self edited fixed 40 % remains of the downloaded template:

1. most templates can not customize the style from option panel.
2. some have merged older read more and page number code scripts and other stuff.
3. most extension scripts such as page numbers use a big script while executing to count the page numbers. on a blog with 200 and more posts it can execute 500kb up to over 1 mb on one single script source which slows the whole blog performance speed down. modem user will feel it
4. i will edit one of the blogger team designs to ensure no errors in css and embedded stuff which blow the page size in giant high are inside and future updates from blogspot will work.

Any suggestions comment to this post.
(German or Russian Language preferred or in EASY English)

Thanks for your attention

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