Saturday, July 25, 2009

eMule 0.49c - zBOOM v0.1B2

eMule 0.49c - zBOOM v0.1 Beta 2
eMule v0.49c | zBOOM v0.1

eMule 0.49c zBOOM v0.1 Beta 2

zBooM v0.1 beta 2 - 24/07/09

fix : partfiles miss on startup (my mistake)
add : Static servers protected (Mighty Knife)

zBooM v0.1 beta 1 - 21/07/09

add: Winsock2 (eWombat/Spike2/WiZarD/taz)
add: Easy ModVersion + extended Mod Version system (WiZaRd/taz)

apply various fixes (mainly Xman, WiZaRd, Stulle, netfinity, Maella, SLUGFILLER, SiRoB,
shadow2004, leuk_he, Fafner, JvA, Spike2, Aenarion[ITA], morph4u, taz and others)

change various mod (& official) defaults

Based on ZZUL_20090222-2320


Easy ModVersion + extended Mod Version system (WiZaRd/taz)
Winsock2 (eWombat/Spike2/WiZarD/taz)
Static servers protected (Mighty Knife)


Client Analyzer + Mod Faker + more Evildoers (WiZaRd/taz)
Embeded Emulate Others + ECR
check already downloaded
AntiHideOS (netfinity)
DBR (netfinity)
Reset Kad on IP Change
Clip Stats + Mod Stats + feedback
Embeded SUQWT + No SUQWT for Mod Fakers & Nick thives
Obfuscated http transfers
Automatic Firewall retries (WiZaRd)
Unknown Protocal tags
Mod Credits (WiZaRd)
FakeAnalyzer (netfinity)
ServerAnalyzer (SpikeV2)
OnIdle (leuk_he)
version check

??ThreadSafe (WiZaRd)
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Download Bin: emule0.49c_zboom_v0.1b2_bin.rar | Mirror | Mirror
Download Src: emule0.49c_zboom_v0.1b2_src.rar | Mirror

Fileshare Mirrors:
Bin 2.25 MB: emule0.49c_zboom_v0.1b2_bin.rar
SRC 4.62 MB: emule0.49c_zboom_v0.1b2_src.rar

zBOOM Mod by Taz is one of the best official eMule mods with a good performance in up and download speed. The source code is VS2008 compatible.

< Note: this is not a Leecher Mod! >

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