Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Outpost Firewall 6.7 Build 2954.446.0710

Agnitum Outpost Firewall 2009 Version 6.7 (2954.446.0710) has been released.


Release date: 21 july 2009

What's new:

* Windows 7 beta-support
* Anti-Spyware engine improved

The following improvements are introduced:

* Improved content filtering performance

The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):

* Issues with Heuristic analysis
* Issues with configuration after computer infection
* Self-protection exclusions list was not preserved under Windows Vista
* Issues after Windows Vista SP1 loading, including:
o Services were not started
o Strange windows behavior
o Slow startup
* Several most commonly reported crashes, including:
o Possible crash in case of insufficient memory;
o Possible crash while scrolling through the Host Protection components list
* Several most commonly reported freezes, including:
o Possible freeze on scrolling the applications list
o Possible freeze on UAC dialog display
* Some visual notifications could be displayed in Entertainment Mode
* Possible problems with ICS (packets could be blocked)
* Possible problems with drivers installation
* Possible compatibility issues with KAV/KIS
* High CPU load in case of working with Lingvo X3
* Hosts file modification could not sometimes be detected
* Adding Windows/System32 folder to exclusions did not work
* Rules for EMULE.EXE were not applied
* Issues while receiving mail using The Bat!
* Incredimail could crash on mail receiving
* Rawsocket rules did not work correctly
* Content filtering rules did not work for mtorrent.exe
* Port scanning false positives on detecting UDP packet to the closed port from DNS server
* Some printer functions did not work if Outpost was installed on a computer
* Outpost could cause GUI freeze under Windows Vista 64
* Internet Explorer could crash on trying to change site properties using Quick Tune plug-in
* No Quick Tune plug-in in Internet Explorer on x64 platforms
* Update settings did not work correctly
* Registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Session Manager] "BootExecute" was not protected
* Incompatibility with Jaws application
* Outpost service could not start with enabled UAC
* Windows Firewall could not sometimes be disabled after Outpost installation
* Incoming NetBIOS connections were blocked even if NetBIOS check box in LAN settings was selected
* By default content is not filtered for loopback address anymore
* Music could not be played from with Outpost installed
* RPC DCOM attack could not be detected
* Outpost could not sometimes detect driver load
* Outpost could detect Norton Antivirus after its uninstallation
* Incoming connections could be successfully established in case of blocking policy
* Transit packets were blocked on attempt to open web pages on VMWare
* More minor issues

Build modules Version nfo:
acs.exe Agnitum Outpost Service 6.7.2954.10317
afm.dll Agnitum Content filter 3.0.358.10313
afwcore.sys Agnitum Firewall Core Driver 1.0.446.10313 for WXP x86 built by: WinDDK
amw.ofp Anti-Malware Module 6.7.2954.10317
antimalware.ofp Anti-Malware Module 6.7.2954.10317
aswfilt.dll Kernel Mode Anti-Spyware SandBox plug-in 02.03.0710
clean.exe Clean uninstall for OS safemode 6.7.2954.10317
content.ofp Content Filter 6.7.2954.10317
downloader.ofp Updates Downloader 6.7.2954.10317
feedback.exe FeedBack Utility 6.7.2954.10317
firewall.ofp Firewall Module 6.7.2954.10317
hips.ofp Host Protection Module 6.7.2954.10317
htmlayout.dll HTMLayout - embeddable HTML rendering and layout component 3, 1, 1, 64
ie_bar.dll Outpost Firewall Pro Quick Tune. 6.7.2954.10317
log_converter.dll Log Converter 6.7.2954.10317
logviewer.ofp Log Viewer Plugin 6.7.2954.10317
netstatviewer.ofp Network Activity Monitor UI 6.7.2954.10317
op_cmn.dll Outpost Common Controls Library 6.7.2954.10317
op_import.dll Configuration Import Module 6.7.2954.10317
op_install.dll Outpost Service Setup 6.7.2954.10317
op_mon.exe Outpost User Interface 6.7.2954.10317
op_shell.dll Outpost Shell Extension 6.7.2954.10317
python25.dll Python Core 2.5
sand.ofp Low-level Host Protection Module 6.7.2954.10317
sandbox.sys Host Protection Component 02.03.0710
sp_db.dll sp_db 6.7.2509.9625
unins000.exe Setup/Uninstall
unrar.dll ? ?
update.dll Outpost Update Module 6.7.2954.10317
upx.dll upx 1.0
wl_hook.dll Outpost Hooking Module 6.7.2954.10317
xpbar.dll Outpost XP Style Side Bar 6.7.2954.10317
zlib.dll zlib data compression library 1.2.3

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