Friday, July 3, 2009

EasyMule 2 (closed source) maybe copied open source code parts from aMule and eMule - Trouble with aMule devs - GPL

Following conversation in VeryCD easyMule development headquarter:

gtoso // aMule Official MacOSX Packager, Italy ( )

I´m an aMule developer, and found interesting that another Wxwidgets client was born.
But when i launched Ollydbg over the binary, i found that all this EasyMule thing is build over the aMule code.

aMule is licensed as GPL code, and we are demanding access to the Source Code.

We really hope that is a misunderstanding that you do not released the code, and you made nice improvements that we love to use in mainstream aMule.
You are free to contact me(gtoso) in our forums ( or directly on our IRC channel.

We are waiting for the code,

Huby (godLaugh) // VeryCD CEO Caohejing, Shanghai
godLaugh ( )

hi,gtoso,firstly thanks for your attension, we did not copy any code from eMule/aMule to our easyMule2.0, we reference to some kad function code of aMule in the easyMule2 beta project, but we havn't use the aMule code in our project. If you have any analysis proof or any other question,you can contact us by directly. we will fixed it in the future release of easyMule2.

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aMule compiled for Windows:

I mean VeryCD should do a clean code merge of the VC Mod features into the latest real eMule 0.49c codebase and let it open source GPL (rules are optional). VC Mod is in East Asia the most used eMule Client Software!

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