Monday, July 6, 2009

RatioMaster 1.8.6 by

RatioMaster 1.8.6 was released on July 6th, 2009.

This version adds one feature and support for several new attributes in client files. Also provided new client files...

Version 1.8.6

* Feature : added 'Reset Counters' button, to reset upload/download amounts to previous values
* Update : support for type="alphabetic" and type="printable" attributes in client files
* Update : support for urlencoding "exceptions" node , see example in utorrent_1.8.3_build_15728.client
* Update : support for lowerCase="true" and "false"
* Update : updated language template to ver. 1.8.6, new translation and client files
* Big fix : improved handling of bad ssl sertificates
* Small fixes and improvements

Language template was updated to version 1.8.6 with a few new strings.

For any additional questions or submitting of new language files please visit this thread :,46.0.html.

Visit the forums on if you have questions or suggestions for future releases


Download: | DDL

RatioMaster is an application designed for spoofing uploads on BitTorrent trackers. It connects to a tracker and behaves like a normal BitTorrent client, but without actually uploading to / downloading from other peers in the swarm. It reports to the tracker that it's uploading (or downloading or both, it's your choice) at a certain rate, thus making it useful for artificially increasing your ratio on certain sites that track a user's overall ratio (total uploaded/total downloaded).

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This one of the best Ratio Programs! An integrated update feature informs the user optional (can be switched off) as soon a new version is available.

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