Saturday, July 18, 2009

eMule0.49c - Lite privat edition


eMule0.49c-Lite1.5.1.2 privat edition (beta)

+ Knownfiles in Incoming unshareable
+ Faster KAD source finding
+ Downloads in red
+ Kick
+ Ban
+ PowerRelease for Partfiles
+ Partfiles in blue
+ Some Codecleanings
- Removed Scheduler
- Removed some restrictions

+ Changed/removed others i forgot... ;-)


Filesharehost: emule0.49c_lite1.5.1.2.privat.edition.beta.rar
DDL: emule0.49c_lite1.5.1.2.privat.edition.beta.rar

The private edition by morph4u is a great enhanced Mod of eMule 0.49c Lite
Thank you!

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