Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Megaupload auto-fill captcha no waiting time - UserScript

Auto-fills the megaupload captcha and auto-starts download
By Shaun Friedle, edited by earlizd1
Version: 0.1.1

0.0.1: Initial release
0.0.2: Rewritten to do OCR in javascript
0.0.3: Added auto-submit for captcha form
0.0.4: Added auto-starting download
0.0.5: Added megarotic support and toggle link for auto-starting download (the script remembers your last setting).
0.0.6: Added auto-retry if redirected to /premium/
0.1.0: Updated to work with new captchas, the success rate is lower (about 60%), but it will retry repeatedly. Most of the script was rewritten, including a minimal GIF decoder to get around captchas now being on a different domain.
0.1.1: Updated to work again after change to captchas, success rate is now just under 85%.

Does what it says on and
Can be combined with: Skip Redirect Slim, Disbale UserCash, Disable LinkBucks, TinyURL Decoder Custom with Skip/Decode Linkbee (seba's edition) + FF Addon SkipScreen - No Promo Box 0.1.07112009

Test on: eMule PRO 1.5

For Firefox Greasmonkey, adapt to other browsers might be possible.



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