Saturday, July 25, 2009

eMule 0.49c -XdP- v5.0 RC2 by umeK

eMule v0.49c | -XdP- v5.0 RC2
-- developed by umeK --

eMule 0.49c -XdP- v5.0 RC2


ADDED: Show sources on title [switchable under Display Tweaks] (Stulle)
FIXED: a Problem with the selected Filebuffersize (umeK)
FIXED: a Bug on UploadListCtrl [wrong case numbers] (umeK)
FIXED: Show LowID's (umeK)
FIXED: some Kad Bugs (WiZaRd)
REMOVED: official VersionsCheck
CHANGED: ClipStats [more information/code changes] (umeK)
CHANGED: FakeRank (umeK, more...?)
CHANGED/FIXED/OPTIMIZED: some other code around the Mod (umeK)
and much more

Changed the Changelog: Corrected Credits Tag. 10x
Home Page:
DDL: emule_0.49c_xdp_5.0_rc2.rar

Remark by Changelogs, not by Feature lists:
Coder names (written) after a feature/function/fix stand for the coders who wrote the codepart as credits not the eMule Mod developer by self who wrote the Mod incl. merged.
For example: Mod XYZ developed by ZyX
Add: jump and run [Name of the code snip coder]
Fix: up and down [ZyX = name of the Developer]
Removed: Toolbar on top [taken from ...]
Changed: About Dialog Credits from scroll to fade in out + background animation [idea from ...]

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