Thursday, July 9, 2009

Opera 10.00 Beta 2 Build 1631

Changes in Opera 10.0 Build 1631 Beta 2:

* New design for info panel, error pages, internal pages (e.g., opera:about), and fraud warning page
* Skin fixes, including updated icons
* Stability fixes
* Unite fixes
* Admin password is no longer needed when reporting crashes on Mac
* Improved plugin detection on 64-bit Liux

Known Issues
* opera:historysearch not yet updated to new design
* The bottom (white) part of the new error pages might not load every time
* The skin is still work in progress
* Some Unix builds may be missing, but most of them will be continuously uploaded

Homepage and other Builds:

Download for Windows:
Opera 10.0 Beta [Classic]

DownloadOpera 10.0 Beta [MSI]

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