Wednesday, July 29, 2009

eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 (Lite1.5.1.2) privat edition update 29.07.09

eMule Xtreme Lite Private edition is an enhanced Xtreme mod in most up to date version. No needed features have been removed and useful features added. The mod is lite in system load and small in file size. Every eMule Xtreme Mod user will love Xtreme Mod Lite privat edition!

eMule0.49c Xtreme 7.2 (Lite1.5.1.2) private edition


+ Changed Prefs for Shutdown (Options-General)
+ Save Friendslot
+ Some Languages readded:cz,de,es,fr,it,pl,tr,zhcn,zhtw
+ Checkbox for Restore Last Main Window
+ Friends in Green
- Removed ServerInfo Log


DDL 1,27 MB: eMule0.49c-Lite1.5.1.2.privat.edition.29.07.09.rar

Thanks a lot!

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