Saturday, July 11, 2009

SkipScreen 0.1.07112009 Light EdiTion

SkipScreen 0.1.07112009 Light EdiTion
Firefox extension - SkipScreen Light Updated!
by AnOtherJohn (not the Bookmaker)

Skips unnecessary pages on sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, zShare, Mediafire and more.
SkipScreen Light will be tenaciously maintained and improving all the time. Why click through ad-laden pages and wait for countdowns when your computer can do it for you?

What's New in the latest SkipScreen Light Build:

* Megaupload auto-reloads for simultaneous downloads.
* Support added for Megaporn (it's identical to megaupload, only pink)
* Fixed digg alert bug. Now handles 5 and 6 character links.
* Fixed Mediafire bug. Skipscreen now handles "file/" and "download.php" links.
* You will love this Megaupload stuff. Please consider making an Update.
* Updated German Translation
* Light Edition have Removed/skips all Stats collections as written here: include removable of connections to any of the stats url's // collecting stats to improve an add-on is questionable.

New in the previous release:

* Added a what's new in about (this page!) to tell users about news.
* support, complete with auto-reloading for simultaneous downloads and limit-exceeded waits, obsolete messages from this addon removed
* Listen first option for zShare (in the Preferences).
* Diggbar skipping is now off by default.
* iframe and post-download page are removed in Light Edition.
* Light Mod EdiTion Design in nice Blue (match for most Themes such as Chrome Skin for Firefox)
* Set RS Downloads for Free user if not logged in
* removed useless Junk style and code (sharescreen related)
* Add German Language Files

Download/Install: SkipScreen-NoPromo_0107112009.xpi | Mirror | Mirror

File: SkipScreen-NoPromo_0107112009.xpi
Size: 21,7 KB (22.225 bytes)
CRC-32: fba37eb6
MD4: 8eb367cbcd097281b8e4f86afe228c91
MD5: 4c63a59f86754c1a955aa5e6103cad0a
SHA-1: b1c47e9c2abb2a59cd92f64cc959f3eb37d625b2

Works great with modded Tinyurl decoder Greasmonkey UserScript to Skip LinkBee + Skip Redirect Slim Userscript

Result on Ads Free Test Page:

Full Page Screenshot - click here - use zoom (its a 1,81 MB big file due to the lack of education by some web-publisher and not web optimized screenshots in sizes over 80 KB to several 100 KB)

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Guest said...

But the idea to use the post (pre) download page and change the content to some embedded online radio stations to listen music while downloading I'd like too 8-)

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