Friday, July 24, 2009

eMule 0.49c - Lite private edition 24.07.09 Hotfix

eMule 0.49c - Lite privat edition 24.07.09

Important update about ModID.



+ Fixed Nick Addon Faker/ModID (was detect by "suspect hello")
+ Manual Reask Client

older changes:


+ Up-Management
+ Send FakeRank
+ Friend Boost
+ Nick Addon Faker
+ Emulate Others
+ Only Up to eMule
+ Readded Xtreme ModID
+ Shutdown after Download
- Removed 64BitTime


+ Knownfiles in Incoming unshareable
+ Faster KAD source finding
+ Downloads in red
+ Kick
+ Ban
+ PowerRelease for Partfiles
+ Partfiles in blue
+ Some Codecleanings
- Removed Scheduler
- Removed some restrictions

+ Changed/removed others i forgot... ;-)

based on eMule0.49c-Lite:

Filesharehost | DDL1 | DDL2 | DDL3


Thanks a lot! It's gone be one of the best releaser Mods out there!

Note from Blog Admin: Discussions/Comments about manual kick and ban features in Mods are not permitted. There ain't no reason to discuss it again! The questions have been filled already 6 years ago.
To enable manual 'remove client from Upload' menu (=kick) by all VeryCD EasyMule Mods add to the preference.ini the following line to debug upqueue
DebugUpQueue=1 (see Preferences.cpp - CPreferences::m_iDebugUpQueue by each build src)

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