Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Notepad2 4.0.22 Final + Enhanced Mod

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Most editors are either fully-featured but slow or fast but useless, but Notepad2 breaks that mould. Notepad2 has a small footprint and is very fast, even when used on very old machines. The only other text editor that I have used that starts up as fast as Notepad2 is Windows Notepad. Aside from rivaling Windows Notepad for startup speed and responsiveness, Notepad2 also sports a clean, unobtrusive interface free of the clutter that often overwhelms the users of other text editors. Yet, despite its speed and tidy interface, Notepad2 sports a lot of powerful features, such as syntax highlighting, brace matching, tag completion, encoding conversion, code folding (with my custom build; see below), and a variety of other useful tools. Put together, this mix of features, speed, and usability makes Notepad2 the ideal Notepad replacement.




* Download Notepad2 4.0.22 Exe (x86-32) [251 KB]
* Download Notepad2 4.0.22 Source Code [208 KB]


Kai's Notepad2 Modifications:


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