Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bitsum PECompact2 v3.00.1

Executable compressors work by compressing selected portions of executables. At runtime, compressed executables are decompressed and reconstructed directly into their virtual image (memory) so that no data is ever written to the disk. The executable can therefore be run exactly as it was before without the user even knowing it was compressed. PECompact2 is a next generation win32 executable/module compressor. Commonly termed an 'executable packer', such utilities compress executables and modules (i.e. *.EXE, *.DLL, *.OCX, *.SCR). At runtime the compressed modules are rapidly decompressed in memory.


* Addition.Package: Added user contributed ElfHash plug-in (a fast hash algorithm)
* Addition.Package: Added user contributed Pascal/Delphi header files for all plug-in types (registered version only)
* Addition.Package: Added user contributed 'IsDebuggerPresent' API plug-in (registered version only)
* Addition.Package: Added user contributed API hook and Codec plug-ins developed in Delphi
* Addition.Installer: Added x64 build of PEHTLib.lib
* Change.GUI: Improved message boxes (updated to XMessageBox 1.10 and applied Bitsum custom mods)
* Change.PETrim: Enhanced stripping of debug directories
* Change.PEHTLib: Change to macros
* Change.Installer: Switched to UNICODE build of NSIS
* Change.Localization: Updated Swedish translation
* Change.Docs: Added credits for contributions of BoB of team PEiD
* Change.Docs: Some minor maintenance and improvements
* Removal.Installer: Some out of date languages removed
* Fix.GUI: Adjustments to initial display position of child windows
* Fix.UpdateChecker: Fixed missing space after beta version numbers
* Fix.Installer: Fixed missing application icon in 'Add/remove programs' or 'Programs and features'
* Fix.PEHTLib: Some fixes for thread safety, applies only to users of PEHideText
* Fix.Core: Fixed issue where small decoder was sometimes being used even when fast decoder was specified
* Fix.EADLoader: Fixed conflict with removal of import table by enhanced anti-debug loader and Restore Imports option
* Fix.TestCodec: Removed dependency on CRT DLLs
* Post-release updates:
o [.1]Change.Localization: Updated Russian localization
o [.1]Fix.Localization: Fixed Russian in installer
o [.1]Fix.Documentation: Fixed problem with missing pages in CHM
o [.2]Change.Installer: Included more plug-ins in the trial edition (ones not abusable)

2 Different Installers found on the net, One is signed (original), the other unsigned (ZWT)

News sources:
pec3setup.exe 1.23 MB (signed Installer)
pec3setup-zwt.exe 1.23 MB (not signed installer)

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