Thursday, July 16, 2009

eMule v0.49c Chimera 1.2 by β♠ñ$ђ€€

eMule 0.49c Chimera v1.2
eMule v0.49c Chimera 1.2 by β♠ñ$ђ€€


Chimera 1.2

add ConChecker [Taken from Alias]
add copy feedback feature
add Funny Nicks [xrmb]
add IP2C Auto Update [ev!l1/Changed B4n$h33]
add IP Filter Auto Update [Taken from Alias]
add Larger File Buffer [pP]
add Node.dat Auto Update
add Switch Modstring [B4n$h33]
bypass all rules of upload for friends [B4n$h33]
changed Drop System [pP/ev!l1]
Fixed Detect Fast Reask [Ban$h33]
Fixed Inform Clients after IP Change [B4n$h33]
and other

FileSharehost: eMule_0.49c_Chimera_1.2_PuBliC_VerSioN.rar
DDL: emule_0.49c_chimera_1.2_public_version.rar | Mirror

File: emule.exe
Size: 5,84 MB (6.127.616 bytes)
CRC-32: ac9b0ead
MD4: 0519146997d070598246e79ff8c64309
MD5: bd96359d311b65bbca4699b50e22877d
SHA-1: 569a380bc5552130384b8510d2f806722a73b013

Thanks a lot, very good Mod, enhanced security AntiLeech and many settings. Great upload and download speed!

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