Thursday, July 16, 2009

eMule 0.49c SBI Leecher 2.01

eMule 0.49c BSI Leecher v2.01
emule.exe Image is 32bit executable done with VMProtect 1.70.4 - 1.8 ( 2009.02/04 ) emule run in a virtual machine process nfo: PolyTech - , info says: find swf tutorial by Nooby

-fixed upload bug

-add spooky mode [serverwindow/sbi controll]
-show users ip [transferwindow]
-add reconnect on low id [switchable]*
-add fake rank start value [switchable]*
-add fake rank update time [switchable]*
-add auto drop ranking QR>x [switchable]*
-add auto drop ranking time [switchable]*
-add ranking value for button & auto drop [switchable]*
-add file reask time [switchable]*
-add auto load/save sources[switchable]*
-add sources to save/load value [switchable]*
-add reload sources before save [switchable]*
-add show downloads in bold [switchable]*
-changed download in color code [switchable]*
-some fixes of previous version
-some other code changes

Name: eMule 0.49c SBI Leecher 2.01
Coder: Butcho
Date: 2009-07-07
Forum: www.s
Version: eMule 0.49c Original
Support: gentil_monsieur and sarutobi (thx)
Testing: hitman and anon (thx)

No download unless it's unpacked to a binary clean emule.exe (we do not advice to use or offer to download encrypted scrambled not cracked freeware open source based P2P junk.)

Most AV's doesn't scan proper
through VM Protect encrypted executables.

doing this procedure:
VMProtect unpack tutorial

right mouse click control for zoom in
rel unpacked vmprotect
oh what a mess
VMProtect1.8 Unpack Instruction incl. swf


Download: VMProtect 1.8 4.21 MB
Unpack Tut: Vmprotect1.8-unpacktut.rar 4.25 MB
Tut 2: unpack.rar 5.89 MB
more could not found to release this mule back to it's to its normal substance binary from vm. Posting in unpacking forums for vmprotect exe unpack.

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