Thursday, June 21, 2007

utorrent 1.7 Beta Leecher Pack - WinALL

uTorrent 1.7 Beta Leecher Pack
OS: Windows all, Wine and compatible
Contains all latest Leecher Mods include uninstall

Download: uTorrent 1.7 Beta Leecher Pack setup.exe (2.95 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

NEW Reloaded NEW

- Installer screen green, latest Changelog with build description incl.
- Shortcut names clean up

- IP Filter Updater installer (shortcut on desktop + Programs)
- latest flags.bmp, flags.conf
- Language File
- Toolbar, Toolbarstatus, Main, Tray Iconsets
- µTorrent User Manual
- Changelog
- Original Client +

µTorrent 1.7 Beta Leecher Pack.exe (4.72 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)


Anonymous said...

Please play fair! If Highspeed internet is available and you can download 1 CD size (700 MB) within 2 - 4 hours. You never need mods and your upload is fast enough to reach a good ratio without the need of mods in p2p. If you'r on modem analogue 56kb/s or DSL less than 256kb/s avarage use it wisely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from Kazahstan. DSL here only 64 kb/s. My System is Ubuntu Linux.

Anonymous said...

By all Leecher Packs, in particular by these uTorrent mod packs have to be some client spoof mods include with the most usual clients ID's such as Bitlord, Azureus in different versions same as by Azureus Leecher Pack and others! If they are not include, uTorrent will be very soon be banned and users get more attention! Think about it and add different client spoof mods (emulation versions) in LP!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. It's not Azureus Shu mod with Bitlord spoof and no upload functions/settings. uTorrent will always have upload enabled. Of corse if you use x100 multi on a Highspeed line to long, you will feel how fast you get banned cause your ratio is very quick out of every logical range. It doesn't limit the filesharing as long the clients give upload to others. I think the focus of attention is by other client mods much more especially if the users ip's comes from the most popular countries in Europe by this topic. It's crap that anyone should ban a client if these 4 or 5 positions that send the name of the client to peers/seeds and tracker can be changed to variouse client names/versions as in every other bittorent client.

Anonymous said...

Azureus is more save set client spoof as usually to BitLord 1.1 or Transmission, Mainline, ABC as the most does and change it from time to time or by every board another one. Untill anyone add by other packs more spoof mods.

Anonymous said...

Bravissimo, it's the best ever pack I 've ever seen out there. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Ratio faking and report mods, won't work anymore on my tracker script.

Anonymous said...

I please everyone to seed so our download speed will run faster.
My upload speed is always faster as downloading.
1 File seeding / 3 files leeching. See Picture: Download / Upload Speed

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