Tuesday, June 26, 2007

µTorrent 1.7 Build 2922 Beta

Changes in µTorrent Version 1.7 (build 2922)
- Fix: crash bug with allow_same_ip

Changes in µTorrent Version 1.7 (build 2899)
- Change: Tracker list rotates in UI with rate defined by gui.update_rate
- Fix: Search button is now hidden again if there are no search engines set in the options
- Fix: Toolbar is now hides properly again if the option is unchecked
- Fix: Crashes when minimized to tray and trying to close
- Fix: Low color icon no longer displays when not running in 32-bit color, instead 256 color icon is used always
- Fix: uTorrent now always runs as the launching user, even after it does UAC work, so opening .torrent files from explorer will now work correctly
- Fix: Memory leak in files tab
Full Changelog

utorrent-1.7-beta-2922.upx.exe (UPX packed should be more compatible as PE compressed)
utorrent-1.7-beta-2922.exe (PECompact compressed)
utorrent-1.7-beta-2922.uncompressed.exe (uncompressed)

Extras for Build 2922:
Language pack
new ipfilter.dat from ozzy (updated 25. June 2007) can be downloaded here

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