Thursday, June 7, 2007

eMule 0.48a StulleMule v5.0

eMule v0.48a StulleMule v5.0
based on eMule 0.48a MorphXT 10.0 compiled with vs2003 SP1

- 06.06.2007 -

Added: Security check for loading of reduce factor [Stulle]
Added: Inform sources after IP change via opcode [Xanatos/Spike]
Added: Inform queue clients after IP change via opcode [Stulle]
+ uses the same function like for sources, credits go to the same ppl
Added: Prevent from missing an Upload by Xtreme [Stulle/idea by Spike2]
Added: Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer [Spike2/ideas by Wiz]
Added: Reconnect KAD on IP-Change (triggered by Server) [Xman]

Changed: Improved mod recognition for Mod Stats [Stulle]
Changed: Min time for automatic reloads set to 2min [Stulle]
Changed: Ensure count of completed files independant from cat for TBH:MM & tray [Stulle]
Changed: Tray Icons [IPU]
Changed: Program Icon [ staff]

Updated: Emulate other clients [Spike2]
Updated: Design Settings to v2 [Stulle/MaxUpload]

Fixed: Remove star from tray when cleared completed [Stulle]

StulleMule Homepage


Latest binaries (v 5.0):

HTTP (SourceForge) : eMule0.48a-StulleMule_v5.0-bin.rar
eD2k : eMule0.48a-StulleMule_v5.0-bin.rar

Latest sources (v 5.0):

HTTP (SourceForge) : eMule0.48a-StulleMule_v5.0-src.rar
eD2k : eMule0.48a-StulleMule_v5.0-src.rar

Language packages:

totranslate.txt (includes all strings differing from original)
German (v3.4)
Italian (v4.3)
French (v4.2)

Download older versions of the StulleMule mod and language pack sources:

Source Forge mirrors

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Spike2 and StulleMule are the BEST Mods ever. Thanks for the news.

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