Friday, June 8, 2007

µTorrent 1.7 beta 2517


--- 2007-06-07: Version 1.7 (build 2517)
- Change: Default to delete files to trash
- Change: Language file errors go to log instead of popup
- Change: Make autoupdater a bit smarter with its failure messages

--- 2007-06-07: Version 1.7 (build 2481)
- Fix: fix a case where local peers would be rate limited regardless of the option

--- 2007-06-07: Version 1.7 (build 2475)
- Change: Move NAT-PMP logging to "error" and "verbose", depending
- Fix: fix a rare crash bug on settings change (like popup speed menus)

--- 2007-06-06: Version 1.7 (build 2465)
- Change: There is a new command line option, "/NOINSTALL", which will bypass the installation dialog in most instances. Installer authors should always pass this argument on the first run of the program.

Full Changelog

utorrent-1.7-beta-2517.exe - PECompact compressed (normal)
utorrent-1.7-beta-2517.upx.exe - UPX packed
utorrent-1.7-beta-2517.uncompressed.exe - unpacked

BLUE EdiTion by Lady RidK
- Icons and Graphics in Blue
- Toolbarsearch and BitTorrent Search redirect anonymized
- Update url removed and others...
utorrent-1.7-BLUE-2517.exe (241.5 KB)

+ Stealth/Emu uTorrent 1.6.1
for ALTS and Trackers who do not allow uTorrent 1.7 Betas (send to other clients/peers/tracker) ident uTorrent 1.6.1 String
utorrent-1.7-BLUE-2517.emu161.exe (241.5 KB)

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