Friday, June 15, 2007

eMule 0.48a Magic Angel v3.0 HT-Edition


- Text To Speech

- anonym Mod[sicks]
- customable Upload Priorities[Spe64]
- customable Ban Time[Spike2]
- FriendBoost[Spe64]
- Community Boost
- Auto Friendslot[KTS]
- Anti Community & Mod Punish/Ban/UploadBan
- Up Only to Mule(aMule,xMule,eMule,eMule+)[dazzle]
- Boost Part & Finished Files[Spe64]
- Force Powerslot[KTS]
- Codeimprovents[Sivka/Wizard/Xman/Maella]
- P2PThreat[netfinity]
- Show Friend & Powerslot Bold in Uploadlist

- use customable Priorities with Bonusmultiplier for SUQWT Priorities,too
- Slot Limit minimum 60 –> 1
- changed ZZ ratio limit 1:3 >> 1:7
- Partfiles max complete Source limit 5 –> 20
- don’t let into queue if Permission don’t allow it (only for complete files)

Download: eMule_0.48a_MagicAngel_v3.0_HighTime_Edition_v1.01 [FE40C5D4].7z (Mirror)
ED2K: eMule_0.48a_MagicAngel_v3.0_HighTime_Edition_v1.01 [FE40C5D4].7z


Anonymous said...

What does it mean FE40C5D4 the checksum of the 7zip file?
The pe header is of emule.exe is: 005A87D5h Image
Time Date Stamp: 4671F630h (15/06/2007 - 02:15:12) on i386

PE Signature: OK
(Header's Checksum: 00000000h / Real Checksum: 005A87D5h)
EOF Position: 0059A000h (5873664)

Anonymous said...

Better download it from the Forum of the Modder!

Anonymous said...

Don't believe in this stupiness that these are fakes. It's 2 things to point it out here:
1. forums vs. blogger call it that member activities stay.
2. A while ago in some mods here, the toolbar icon's have been done in blue color style in the mod. Functions have never been touched.

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