Thursday, June 7, 2007

BT Engine 5.03 Release date: 2007/06/05

BitTorrent, the most popular download way, which scatters file to all the computers being in downloading, thus the file can be downloaded by multiaddress. The speed will be quicker and quicker if more and more people are downloading at the same time. However mostly people don’t know how to set the computer and terminal to let the speed satisfactory due to the complexity and instability.

The only thing you do is to run BT Engine before downloading.

BT Engine is the best BT download accelerator. It is the right tool to solve above confusion. It tries to link more terminals when downloading, and optimize internet system. In this way, the potential downloading ability of BT is exposed and the computer of end terminal can link to more seeds. It is remarkable that BT Engine supports EMS memory buffering to avoid reading and writing too rapid on hard disk. The hard disk will be protected well.

Remember, JUST run BT Engine before downloading. Release your brain from considering how to download better.

Applicable to all BT terminals.
Support all internet class, such as ADSL, LAN and Wireless internet, etc.
Operate simply, only need to hit once to optimize mostly conditions.
Notable speed-up, almost accelerate over 100% for each terminal.
Unique hard disk protection technology.

Download site 1
Download site 2

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