Monday, June 11, 2007

eMule v.48a Magic Angel v3.0

based on MorphXT v10.0

MERGED: to MorphXT v10.0 [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer (Spike2/ideas by Wiz) [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: use redirecting download links for all Magic Angel versionchecks [evcz]
CHANGED: some minor code changes on Magic Angel and Magic Angel+ Creditsystem [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Clients always have at least 1MB uploaded to us for the division-modifier calculation of Magic Angel Creditsystems
CHANGED: Magic Angel Creditsystems Score calculation for linear calculation of eMule v0.48a [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: show more infos within the tooltip in UploadList [evcz]
FIXED: Magic Angel Creditsystems with Anti Upload Protection [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Magic Angel+ Creditsystem bonus factor calculation [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Magic Angel Creditsystems modifier calculation if we uploaded to a client but he didn't upload to us [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: SUQWT bug setting wrong waiting time for clients after restart of v2.3 [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: aligned client detail window better [evcz]
FIXED: missing Magic Angel icon in Queuelist for the last few versions [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: one DLP update link still went to Xtreme Homepage and not directly do SourceForge [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Leecher Icon couldn't be shown for eDonkey-Hybrid or MLDonkey Clients in some lists (e.g. as Agressive Clients) [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Morph not saving Obfuscated Sources didn't work [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: displaying fairplay string in Queulist [evcz]
FIXED: Color Known Clients List too preference wasn't loaded [sFrQlXeRt]
REMOVED: all remaining code parts of Multiple Instances (they caused a bug on startig a 2nd instance) [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: Emulate other clients (Spike2) [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: Enhanced Client Recognition (Spike2) [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: German language file to be compatible with eMule v0.48a [sFrQlXeRt]



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