Sunday, June 24, 2007

LimeWire Pro 4.12.14 Final

What's new:

4.13.7 (06.13.2007)
- Brand new upload code, much more efficient
- Files containing foreign characters can be properly launched, deleted, etc.
- LimeWire works properly when installed outside of Program Files on
international windows versions
- Make LimeWire does not need Admin privileges on Vista to work properly
- Fix for downloads sometimes stalling

4.13.6 (05.25.2007)
- Fix a crash when the audio player wasn't visible

4.13.5 (05.24.2007)
- Fixed broken BinaryHeap data structure.
- Fix various DHT-related deadlocks
- Make the DHT more resilient to attacks
- Fix few crashes when pausing/resuming torrents
- Make OOB results a little harder to spoof
- Fixes that should decrease traffic to ultrapeers
- Network-level filter for hostile hosts
- Changes that would make F2F transfers more reliable
- Fix for rare cases where we default to MetalUI FileChooser
- Ability to change the font sizes

4.13.4 (05.09.2007)
- Fixed storing Mojito DHT routing tables between session.
- Updated Mojito DHT to be more resilient in the face of hostile nodes in a
- Workaround freezing network activity in earlier versions of Java.
- Fixed BitTorrent to again work with HTTP/SOCKS proxies.
- Fixed FW-FW transfers to work with old BearShare clients.
- Updated hostile detection for connecting to hosts.
- Fixed potential problem with requesting invalid files from malicious
query replies.

4.13.3 (05.01.2007)
- Fixed collections that expire to work reliably using nanoseconds.
- Fixed generating unique random sequences to not go over a maximum value.
- Added ability to inspect LimeWire for usage statistics.
- Added ability to change what algorithm is used to determine if a file is rare.
- Fixed counting the number of bytes read in a stream to work correctly when
EOF is reached.
- Updated many network-related checks to work with IPv6.
- Fixed checking if an IP address is "this computer" to work on computers
with multiple interfaces and/or addresses.
- Added the ability for Mojito DHT to publish certain Gnutella-specific values.
- Fixed deadlocks associated with the Mojito DHT.
- Fixed the Mojito DHT to use threads that will record when errors occur.
- Fixed exception with sending chats occasionally.
- Fixed reading old downloads.dat files.
- Fixed errors sending query replies occasionally.
- Fixed 'Explore' button launching the the file instead of displaying it.
- Fixed upload bandwidth display to be more accurate.
- Reduced the number of digits shown for MB, TB, GB, etc..
- Fixed upload progress from halting at 99%.
- Updated run.bat to always work.
- Hide the license dialog when viewing a secure search result.
- Fixed stripping numbers and lowercasing the search when doing an XML search.
- Updated using HTTP/SOCKS proxies to use non-blocking I/O (and not require
additional threads).
- Added the client-side of using secure OOB queries / replies.
- Validate the URI used for BitTorrent trackers.
- Fixed timing issues associated with saving BT data to disk and closing or
cancelling a torrent.
- Fix the "key" parameter sent to trackers in BitTorrent.
- Fix spam checking to look at XML data in replies too.
- Updated connecting to avoid hostile hosts and subnets.
- Added the ability to run LimeWire from a temporary settings directory if
the expected directory can't be written to.
- Update the GUID used for BitTorrent to have different LW BT versions.
- Loosened the requirements for boostrapping into the Mojito DHT.
- Fix updating of FW-FW alternate locations when using a non-FW-FW transfer to
not update the location with an incorrect port.
- Fix cleaning up a temporarily stalled download (busy, out of sources, etc..)
to ensure that all pending disk writes are processed.
- Updated the adult keyword filter.
- Fixed the adult filter for "What's New" searches to work when more than one
search is happening at once.
- Updated keyword filters to look inside XML data.
- Updated deadlock reporting to report errors within the I/O system.
- Send more session information when a bug is reported.
- Updated deadlock reports to contain more detailed information about what
methods have locked what objects.
- Updated the default GUI error handling to not ignore errors from within
the new LimeWire component hierarchy.
- Fixed an error associated with displaying errors before the splash screen
is constructed.
- Workaround LimeWire freezing due to Swing deadlocks whne starting up.
- Update the progressbar on the splashscreen to display percentages.
- Added warnings for Windows Vista when setting directories to unsafe locations.
- Center the chat window on the screen if the middle of the visible window is
outside of the viewable area.
- Enable inactive downloads to be explored.

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Last Beta: LimeWire Pro 4.13.8
LimeWire 4.13.8 Beta for Windows

LimeWire 4.12.14 for Windows

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