Friday, June 15, 2007

eMule 0.48a XDP v0.5

Changelog eMule 0.48a - XDP v0.5:

add UDPreasksecuritycheck (netfinity)
add Fakealyzer (netfinity)
add QrDIFF (X-Ray)
add DynamicBlockRequest (netfinity/Xman)
add see all sources (Xman)
add Better passive Source finding (Xman)
add Own Credits (X-Ray)
add Modname
add Extendedprotokolcheck (Sirob)
add ModID (Slugfiller)
add Fakerank (Nightsky10)
add Checkbox for Fakerank
add Logline for Fakerank
add Checkbox for Up4Up
add Download in bold
add Ban Spammer
add Sourcesaver(SLS) (Xman)
fix Disable/Enable Clientlist/Queuelist (Xman)
fix for Corrupt Preferenceskad.dat (netfinity)
changed Splashscreen
changed Prefssite
changed Icons Toolbar (Xman)
changed Upmanagement
remove Webinterface


Share Options [Dazzle]
Download in Color
Remote Queue Status
Queuesize up 100-10000
Drop Single Client [LSD/KTS]
new Toolbar
remove Source Cache

Download: eMule 0.48a - XDP v0.5.rar 1.65 MB (Mirror)
Thanks credits to seba14


Anonymous said...

compare to torrent is emule extreme slow. Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes..Emule is slower BUT: there are much much more files to find in this Network. Websites like piratebay are not needed. Just use the "SEARCH"-Function and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

BT is good for newer files and eMule is good for all files and with the right mod and much time you can gain until 2237.04 KB/s (my speed record)

Anonymous said...

I think my ISP is trottle p2p can someone get:

this file have one source but I try 3 weeks already to get it.
It's from
not more anywhere to found in the net.

John Dragon said...

DosDragon’s software worked but it required monitoring the internet to verify your connection.
It did this by going out with a direct connection and downloading a file off a site somewhere. When the URLs where no longer available it would check a back up then if it failed it would quickly spoof your MAC address and reset your modem pulling your connection backup. It took less than a second to do it. All the while your system would continue to run torrent software and get the files you wanted.
There was ONE problem. The massive number of users who started using it knocked the spool sites down. Like a DDOS. I can rebuild the software and fix all the problems by selecting a random set of URLs, if there is a demand for it.

IlLusioN said...

Can you please send me the software as a comment here

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