Friday, June 22, 2007

eMule 0.48a Crying Blood 2.4.1

eMule v0.48a Crying Blood v2.4.1
Crying Blood v2.4.1
Base on emule 0.48a


-Upload only to emule
-Share Level (from Dazzle)
-Kick & Ban
-Emulate others
-Drop Sources
-(TEST)European Community (Tr0nYx/Nightsky)

small bugs fixed
- error with too many bans is repaired, now should ban less
- downlods in bold
- client percentage (from xtreme)

Crying Blood v2.3

-Base on emule 0.47c
-Antileecher function extended
-some other small changes

Crying Blood v2.2

-other credit systems
-auto dropp from sources
-man. Kick & Ban
-faster Endgame
-upload only to Emule
-Emulate others

Download: eMule 0.48a Crying Blood v2.4.1.rar (1.6 MB) - (Mirror)
Disable Sharing edit preferences.ini -> settings are the same, see DaZZle Share Level in other mods.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the access proxy. No they can't block the same webserver ip.

Anonymous said...

Of course Leecher sites can publish it or do you have the exclusive right for this pice of opensource payed? If so send your contract :) :)

Anonymous said...

Source code src must be with the bin published especially on European Web Hosts if the download is on the same webhost/location! gem. gnu and others see ACT. Europe Union Law! Sites can be taken down.

Anonymous said...

3/5, 47c was better.

Anonymous said...

undetactable European Comunity with emule net, sorry it's crap, it's just a question of time a pice of cake for some people. These old hide and found games are the same old war stuff as anticomm punish others, just what kid's likes to play.

WebZA said...

please do not more aprove offencive comments! They know by self what they are and who they are.

Anonymous said...

No good, share level menu is incomplete.

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