Wednesday, June 6, 2007

µTorrent 1.7 beta 2448

2007-06-05: Version 1.7 (build 2448)
- Change: Move UPnP logging to "error" and "verbose", depending
- Fix: DHT bootstrapping in many cases
- Fix: UPnP mapping when local IP changes
- Fix: spurious settings file integrity failure messages

--- 2007-06-05: Version 1.7 (build 2407)
- Fix: update local peer limiting when settings change
- Fix: settings.dat could erroneously to be found corrupted when switching from 1.7 to 1.6.1 and back
- Fix: restore missing upload rate for local peers
- Fix: Make crash dialog and dumping work again in Windows 95 varieties
- Fix: Reset completed on date if new files are unskipped and completed
Full Changelog

utorrent-1.7-beta-2448.exe - PECompact compressed
utorrent-1.7-beta-2448.upx.exe - UPX packed
utorrent-1.7-beta-2448.uncompressed.exe - unpacked
2007-06-06: Language Pack for µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2448)

µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2448)

If Mirrors goes down, please use Google search there are almost 20+ Websites in China with each 10 or more Direct Download capacity. Some more Mirrors in Russia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany and up to all Freeware and Betanews sites.

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Thanks for the news but nothing special its already old as official announce.

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