Thursday, June 21, 2007

eMule 0.48a Zzul Bastard 1.9.0

Same as 1.8.3 functionality but with 0.48a core
Mostly bug fix

  • [ADD]PowerRelease: works only for complete files and gives a 100x boost to a file. Files in this status are colored in pink.
  • [ADD]FastWeb public IP address ranges added for check agaist illegal clients
  • [ADD]Advantages provided to regular clients (including, but not limited to poweshare, small file push and SUQWT) are removed for illegal clients
  • [ADD]Postit-like area for adding notes to friends. Will be automatically saved and reloaded at each start-up.
  • [ADD]Few shortcuts in Shared Files window for modifing file priorities (works on a multiselection as well)
    - [CTRL]+[+] increases priority (till the max = 10)
    - [CTRL]+[-] decrease priority (till the minimum = 1)
    - [CTRL]+[X] enable autopriority
    - [CTRL]+[S] enable PowerShare
    - [CTRL]+[R] enable PowerRelease (applied only of the file is complete)
  • [ADD]Minimum QR value shown next to number of available sources
  • [ADD]NiceMove from Ionix
  • [ADD]Reason for score reduction, in order of importance:
    - [G] 0.0x - client is GPL breaker
    - [V] 0.5x - client version (older than v0.25)
    - [I] 0.1x - client is recognized as illegal
    - [F] 0.1x - client belongs to Fastweb and has a U:D ratio <>
  • [ADD]New columns:
    - in Client Upload List : upload contitions [file priority/rating/U-D diff]
    - in Known Client List : [rating/U-D diff]
    - in Waiting Queue List : U-D diff info added in rating column
    - in Shared Files List : For each file amount of completed data or "Complete" description
  • [CNG]New list of filtered fake and unsecure servers
  • [FIX]Chat log files are now created even though the remote user has unprintable chars in his/her nickname
  • Probably some other minor things I have not traced

Download: eMule 0.48a Zzul Bastard 1.9.0 Bin.rar (1.62 MB)




Anonymous said...

Good basic to build on it! Very good emule mod without leecher features.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this mod works fast and releasing with this mod is excellent

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