Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA2

Statement : China accused the CN MOD official version of the TAG [CHN] Our version is not tied to any third-party software, please official from the Chinese donkey download version.
EMule - CN is the eMule (second generation of P2P software) basis, the network of domestic reform turn to. Optimization of the cohort system, adjusted the transmission parameters, rapid and stable, Anyone who has access to high-speed download speed and download priority, as long as the positive upload your shared resources, harvest more pay more. Use of the language completely finished document for ease of understanding and use of user-network initiative unique in terms of system integration, record your contribution (users can decide whether or not to participate in), upload up to a certain amount of time and online, automatically awarded a "certificate", made the possession of the certificate exchange of resources between users more quickly. KADL unique pioneering systems, optimizing the Buddy system, support network within the Internet. support all Windows platforms UPNP, significantly enhancing the users within the network download speed, made within the network users not to download and resource constraints confused, simple and convenient, with no setup, automatic detection, VNN official recommended. IP2Country built-in functions, support for the banner, you can make you know and friends from the exchange where the use of the eMule - CN version of the world will make you 300 0000 eMule users more convenient to exchange resources, it has the capability to develop sustainability, in the future to offer you a more convenient and more exciting by adding functional ~ Anti-Leech's Theory function, All shielding vampire MOD. Additional technical support, please visit our home page at: with domestic resources in the production of dozens of organizations issued maintain long-term stability relations of cooperation, to offer you a more full resources, the core set of perfect release, provide high-speed and long-term effective rich resource.


CN mod tag独特的驴榜显示

* 中国驴榜
* 好友功能
* 去除官方upnp,加入cn版UPNP
* 修改搜索部分
* ip对应功能
* 更新IP2Country对应最新数据
* 修正IP2Country以前判断空格出错,支持Unicode数据
* 加入dlp功能
* 突出显示lowid.....
* modTag,up/down直接在客户端软件部分查看(传输界面和客户详情)
* ClientDetailDialog调用IP2Country以及美化界面
* 修正好友的一个bug
* 修正dlp的一个bug
* 若干测试组发现的问题修正


ed2k stats - eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA2.rar

Download: eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA2.rar (5.37 MB) - (Mirror)
ed2k link: eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA2.rar

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