Thursday, June 7, 2007

eMule 0.48a X-Cite Alpha v0.1

modded by Sin10

ChangeLog for eMule x-Cite [Modded by Sin10]

eMule 0.48a X-Cite Alpha v0.1

ADD [Sin10] Pref Seite
ADD [Sin10] Dont Send Shared Files To Server
ADD [Spike2] Requiere Obfuskadet Server Connection
ADD [Ionix] Mod Log
ADD [TrOnYx] Undetecteble Europien Community
ADD [dazzle] Unlimited Search Results

CHANGE [Sin10] Higher Upload Data Rate [4 kb/sec]
CHANGE [Sin10] Faster Reask for new sources (KAD network)
CHANGE [Sin10] Faster Client CleanUp Time
CHANGE [Sin10] Higehr Ban Time [3 hours]
CHANGE [Xman] Some Icons from Xtreme eMule MOD

have fun by testing (even more even better => cause of the Comm)

Download: eMule 0.48a X-Cite Alpha v0.1.rar (1.65 MB)


Anonymous said...

If add them to APF ip range > no responce
they will use them cellpone connect to PC or skip it with another ISP (different ip ranges)dial in. You have to put general all IP's in as no answer from svr. and wok on exclude, allowed. Eg. Deutsche Telekom -> no answer, Telecom Argentinia -> allowed, Brasil carefull to many proxies. AOL Ip's -> allowed,...
work it out.

Anonymous said...

Please post for this mod stats and feedback to

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