Friday, June 29, 2007

eMule0.48a ZZUltimativ 1.6Beta fix incl. SRC fix for 1.6 SRC

eMule0.48a ZZUltimativ 1.6Beta fixeMule v0.48a [ZZULtimativ v1.6]

Modder nfo:
Compile Date/Time stamp: 31.05.2007 at 14:19:29 on i386(R)
File size: 5816320 bytes
Real Checksum: 0059032Ch

eMule0.48a-ZZUltimativ1.6Beta_fix_incl.SRC_fix_for_1.6SRC.7z (1.72 MB) - (Mirror)

It's a update exe only with src changes.
Here the Modicon for ZZULtimativ: ModIconDLL.dll (492 KB)


Anonymous said...

Next to Uni-A-Team my Favorite eMule Mod. Great Client, check it out

Anonymous said...

*** failed to load ModIconDLL.dll (ERROR: Impossible to find the module specific.) like never this error

WebZA said...

ModIconDLL.dll added. Its a exe update only. The Language files can be taken from the last Version here.
Copy modicon.dll in emule folder or /config /subfolder
Normaly any mod icon.dll should work the one added to the post is for zzultimativ.
Thanks for the info.

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