Wednesday, June 13, 2007

eMule 0.48a VipeR v7.0

eMule v0.48a [VipeR V7.0]

Changelog eMule 0.48a VipeR V7.0
Based on eMule 0.48a


+ Diff QR
+ ShowFakeRank
+ Super Release
+ download in bold
+ download in red
+ Upload Color [ON/OFF]
+ Slot Limiting (tries to reduce the number of upload slots)
+ Slot Control [On/Off] + in upload window
+ Quick start
+ Drop système
+ show flag
+ show LowIDs in yellow
+ show uncomplete files in blue
+ show powershare files in green
+ Show connected server in bluebold
+ Powerelease
+ Dynamic HideOS
+ Side Banner
+ Display CPU/MEM usage in Statistic [
+ Grey out dead servers
+ Feeback Color

Laissez les Fichiers countryflag au niveau d'emule (exe)

Download: emule0.48a.VipeR.v7.0.bin.rar (2.38 MB)

ed2k: emule0.48a.VipeR.v7.0.bin.rar

mirror checked 01/2008


Ms. Piggy said...

Is it the one from the American Muppet Show? ufffff now it's 00de
in emule search, thanks for sharing.


P.S. your second page is better but for a blogger so far so good here.

Alpha said...

Great mod hase it Ratio?

Anonymous said...

Ain't no

Anonymous said...

I'm Dutch too, not all Dutch and French people are the same. Thanks for the news here. Great Site!!!

Anonymous said...

If this is a so called "fake" than it is perfect ported from 0.47c to 0.48a with all Viper features. Great stats by Vipers 0.48a mod based.

Anonymous said...

Ask your Brain, whom should be interested to fake Viper Mod, they may first put DaZZle Share Options in a mod and some others before anyone merge Viper's options to 0.48a. If not the maker of emule Viper by self then a friend of him.

Anonymous said...

Broh, He want 300.000 Euros for the Slot Controlls, maybe he saw my Maybach on the other site =:)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... the Spain slot controll mod was it HyperMule?

Anonymous said...

Yes the slot controls are Viper's. It's not the "slot focus" way. Lucyman you won't check if you drive a Mercedes and the engine is from Audi cause you don't know where you must look for this points. The engine are not the weels on a vehicle. Put your glasses on, notpad.exe should be under windows folder if you didn't delete it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Greets to all.
Is that mod have a homepage?
I want to ask them to add some options.Slot limitation works perfect here and the outstanding super release prio in upload.Viper rulez.

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