Saturday, June 9, 2007

eMule 0.48a TYRANUS 1.1 v0.48a


TYRANUS 1.1 v0.48a


+ splash screen
+ toolbar icon (change)
+ only one upload slot
+ kick&ban

TYRANUS 1.0 v0.48a


Copy DaZZle code to emule 0.48a

Changelog Dazzle Mod:

-Stability: This mod should be about as stable as the official releases
-Inverse credit system: Ensures optimal download speed when there aren't many sources
-End of download speedup
-Advanced upload queue score calculation (upload management)
-upload only to emule (configurable)
-Dynamic upload kick: Upload kick is not done at a constant amount, but always done when it'll improve speed.
-Anti-leecher: the inverse credit system makes sure you will not be harmed by leechers
-Upload only shared files (configurable)
-Disable file sharing (configurable) (NOT recommended it ruins your speed and is bad for the network)
-No ratio and no forced minimal upload speed (highly recommended to upload as fast as possible, it improves download speed liniearly or more)
-Global max sources limit instead of file max sources limit (it's a global bottleneck)
-Dynamic source gathering rate (fast at first, slower later on. Source gathering cpu hit remains constant)
-Better source gathering (some limitations removed, much more sources can be found at a faster rate)
-Improved source gathering efficiency (lower hit on cpu when gathering sources)
-Increased number of sustainable sources (15000+ sources on one file). This makes popular files download a lot faster.
-Automatic benchmarking and optimization of the global max sources limit
-Auto high QR kick from download queue when queue advancement rate is slow and we are near the max sources limit
-Auto dropping of NNP / queue full sources from download queue when source limit nears maximum, or source gathering speed becomes slow
-Display estimated time until a source starts transferring
-Display credits our client has with other clients
-Unlimited searching

Download: eMule 0.48a Tyranus 1.1.7z (1.46 MB) - (Mirror)

Maybe the BEST NO-UPLOAD Mod on eMule 0.48a basis!


Anonymous said...

kick@ban not inside by me!??? I don't have it in this version. Any help?

Anonymous said...

Dank Leecher-w0rld.c0m seit der Werbung bei euch haben wir 20% mehr Downloads ebenso steigen Besucherzahlen wenn man nen counter ohne erforderlichen Javascript aktiv etc.. betrachtet. Also kopiert weiter.

Anonymous said...

Mit diesen phpBB's haben wir doch gar kein Verhältniss

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